Monday, 30 March 2015

10,000-Yr Old UFO Paintings Found in India

Rock paintings that are 10,000 years old and that were found in Chhattisgarh, India recently seem to depict what appears to be images of aliens and UFOs.

There are several of these rock paintings on the caves of Charama, located in Chhattisgarh’s Kanker district.

Some of the locals there have told stories that were passed on to them by their ancestors, about the small-sized “Rohela people” who allegedly landed in circular flying objects and took a few people away, some of them never to be seen again.

Archeologist, JR Bhagat, also noted how similar the aliens and UFOs depicted in the rock paintings are to those often featured in Hollywood movies stating “the fan-like antenna and three legs of [the] vehicle’s stand clearly show a similarity to UFO type craft.”

Some of the rock paintings of the Rohela people are remarkably similar to images of the alien ant people, as referenced by the Hopi Indians.  Here's something else quite interesting to think about: the Hopi word for ant is anu and the Hopi word for people, or friends, is naki. Therefore the phrase ant people, or ant friends, would translate to anu-naki.

Of course, the annunaki are referenced in Sumerian mythology, as documented by Zecharia Sitchin. According to Sitchin's translations of the Sumerian tablets, the Annunaki came from planet Nibiru, which is allegedly on a 3,600 year elliptical orbit around the sun, and turned us into slaves to mine for precious metals whilst having offspring with our women.

If Sitchin is to be believed, then the Annunaki are the Nephilim who are referred to in the bible and the planet Nibiru is referred to as Wormwood. Could it be that all these new archeological discoveries being unearthed (pun intended) all add up to tell a peculiarly similar story about the true history of Earth?

[ Image of Rohela people rock painting in India - Public Domain ]

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