Monday, 30 March 2015

Sergeant Clifford Stone, UFOs & Alien Races

As part of Dr Steven Greer's 2001 UFO Disclosure project presentation, Sergeant Clifford Stone testified to previously being part of a US Army retrieval and recovery team specifically set up to deal with crashed UFOs.

Stone claims that along with UFO technology and debris, the bodies of alien entities were also recovered on many occasions.

After the official Disclosure project presentation had ended, Dr Greer went on to take questions for the panel from the audience with one member of the audience asking Sergeant Clifford Stone if he would be kind enough to describe the alien entities.

Stone went on to claim that there are at least three known types of what we refer to as "greys", that they communicate via telepathy and that some of them are able to tell what colour certain objects are simply by touching them.

Stone also claimed that some of the aliens have suction cups on the end of their fingers, instead of normal fingertips.

Just as Stone finished his description, there were gasps of awe from the audience when Stone claimed that by the time he got out of the military in 1989, the US Army had catalogued a total of 57 alien species! According to Stone, this catalogue is used to identify alien races when they crash on Earth and is only accessible to those with security clearance.

For anyone who wants to question Stone's claims further, Stone has taken part in multiple interviews (including for Project Camelot). The video below also features Command Sergeant Major Robert O'Dean who had a 28-year career in the military and who nearly died recently from Meningitis.

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