Friday, 29 May 2015

Alien/UFO Abduction & Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA)

California-based therapist, Gwen Dean, has noted 44 links between the phenomenon of alien abduction and Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA). Of course, because of this, it has been suggested that many alien abduction experiences could therefore be the result of repressed memories of experiencing Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) during childhood.

Alternatively, many people have attributed UFOs to angels and demons and so there is a possibility that Satanic Ritual Abuse could potentially tie in directly with the UFO phenomena in some way. Additionally, it has been proposed that many alien abductions are actually the result of another phenomenon known as sleep paralysis.

Sleep paralysis can occur when a person enters a hypnagogic or hypnapompic state, a state entered just as they fall asleep,  or just as they are waking up, and remain conscious. They may then have a waking dream but find themselves not able to move. This is due to the fact that the body is paralyzed during the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) cycle in order to stop us physically acting out our dreams while we are sleeping.

However, neither Satanic Ritual Abuse or the phenomenon of sleep paralysis are capable of explaining the most credible alien abduction experiences. Psychologists and psychiatrists, such as the late Dr. John Mack, acknowledge that in many of these cases there does seem to be something very real happening which cannot currently be explained by science.

It has also been documented by researchers such as the late Dr. Roger Leir, that many alien abductees have been implanted with RFID devices that closely resemble meteorites, interact with human biological functioning and send out some kind of radio signal into space.

Of course, it has also been well documented and admitted in declassified documents that the US government have experimented with mind control, remote viewing and other alleged parapsychological phenomena therefore it's possible that many alien abductee's beliefs could be a result of subliminal programming or implanted false beliefs.

However, even when considering hallucinations, delusions, lies, hoaxes, mind control, sleep paralysis and satanic ritual abuse, the alien abduction phenomenon can still not be sufficiently explained and there are many cases where there is an overwhelming amount of physical evidence available left behind.

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Debbie Allen said...

Oh EM GEE!!! Why can they not just accept it as it is...and alien abduction or experience. Crazy how they try to explain all this away.

Sparkster said...

Exactly! Notice how they can't come up with one simple logical explanation and so they mix a few weak arguments together which sometimes conflict, just to add to the confusion and distract away from the truth.

Debbie Allen said...

My two abductions or experiences were pertaining to a war between two rival space ships over earth and then something like egg harvesting and it did not matter that I had a tubal ligation many years prior to those experiences. Those were very scary. I don't know if it was the past or it was about the future, but they did harvest my eggs so at least that much is present.

Debbie Allen said...

Oh and I am not into Satanic anything, nor do I do drugs or drink alcohol.

Sparkster said...

I've seen many UFOs. The more I research/write about them, the more they show up and they're definitely real because they show up on camera. They did get way too close for my liking on one ocassion. That was very scary!