Monday, 29 June 2015

Parapsychology: Remote Viewing & UFOs

Remote Viewing
In 1975, the US government launched the Stargate Project, a research program to study parapsychological phenomena, including remote viewing.

Despite the research program running on for a total of twenty years and experiments into remote viewing costing a total of $20,000, the US government claimed that the program ended in 1995 with no useful results and it was soon labelled as pseudoscience. Earlier less sophisticated research into remote viewing had a higher success rate reporting between 5-15% success with remote viewers. According to Jim Schnabel, after the US government discovered that China and Russia were running ESP research programs, they would occasionally finance their own ESP projects from the time of World War II up until the 1970s.

The AIR report concluded that the program produced no useful intelligence data. David Goslin of the American Institute of Research stated:

"there is no documented evidence it had any value to the intelligence community".

Others would disagree!

Nick Pope, formerly of the UK's MoD (Ministry of Defence), claims he has seen remote viewing experiments being carried out with surprisingly successful results himself first-hand. Rather intriguingly, according to declassified FBI documents, it seems as though the FBI may have been using remote viewing to find out more about UFOs.

One FBI document, available at the FBI Vault website, contains information from a remote viewer which reads:

"A very serious situation may develop at any time with regard to the 'flying saucers'. If one of those should be attacked, the plane will almost certainly be destroyed. In the public mind this might create near panic and international suspicion."

  • "Parts of the discs carry crews, others are under remote control."
  • "Their mission is peaceful. The visitors contemplate settling on this plane."
  • "These visitors are human-like but much larger in size."

Of course, many remote viewers and channelers are also proponents of the reptilian agenda and/or the pole-shift hypothesis. However, people such as psychological illusionist, Derren Brown, have already proven that the results of remote viewing can be manipulated with the use of subliminal suggestion.
So, that would mean that remote viewing is indeed real and that it really works but there must always be a source of information.

The question is, who was the source of information for the reptilian agenda/pole-shift hypothesis proponents and were they telling the truth or manipulating the situation?

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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Honey Bees & Medicinal Marijuana To Cure Terminal Illnesses Like Cancer & AIDS

Honey bees and medicinal marijuana may seem like an unusual combination when it comes to medical treatment yet in recent times, both honey bees and marijuana have proven to be the gateway to certain scientific breakthroughs in the medical field.

Honey Bees

Honey bees are amazing creatures and it's undoubtedly true that we wouldn't be able to live without them. The great scientist, Albert Einstein, has been quoted as saying "
If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would have only four years of life left..." and recent research shows that honey bees may actually be much more beneficial to the health of humans than previously realized.

Bee's venom (
apitoxin) contains a toxic chemical called Melittin which has been proven to be revolutionary when it comes to treating terminal illnesses such as cancer, HIV and AIDS and due to previous research into HIV and AIDS, it has already been suggested that we are well on our way towards creating an AIDS-free generation. Research into using Melittin to treat other terminal illnesses is also looking promising.

Medicinal Marijuana

However, it's not only honey bees that are showing promising results when it comes to medical benefits but research in the medicinal use of marijuana is also looking promising. It has recently been proven that THC, which is the main psychoactive ingredient contained in marijuana, kills cancer cells and here is a timelapse video of THC doing just that:

Additionally, cannabis oil has successfully been used to cure an 8-month old baby of a cancerous tumor and one woman has successfully managed to replace forty of her prescribed daily medications by drinking raw cannabis juice every day.

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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Using Technology For Artificial (Synthetic) Telepathy

RFID Chip compared to grain of rice
Whilst true genuine telepathic ability is currently seen as nothing more than pseudoscience by the mainstream scientific community, the possibility of "artificial" telepathy has already been scientifically proven.

DARPA had actually began testing such technology, which has become known as synthetic telepathy using Direct Neural Interface (DNI) devices, as early as the 1970's. According to Wikipedia, such technology creates a " direct communication pathway between the brain and an external device."

Such devices are often used to assist or repair cognitive functioning and sensory-motor functions. During experiments people were able to control the mouse cursor on a computer screen simply by thinking about it and without having to move a muscle. In other words, the technology, which had been integrated with the patient's brain, was reading his thoughts then decoding and transmitting the data to the computer.

RFID chips, many of which are manufactured by a company called Alien Technology, allow this data to be sent wirelessly to other devices capable of transmitting and receiving data in the same way and anyone with the technology installed would be able to share thoughts between each other.

This means that it has already been proven that we are capable of communicating telepathically by integrating technology with our brains - i.e. artificial (or synthetic) telepathy.

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Saturday, 20 June 2015

Welcome To The Quantum Age (Quantum Mind)

The Reality Of The Quantum Mind

Something revolutionary is happening in the world. We are now in a time where science and psychology are meeting in the middle and combining together to form a new and emerging science of consciousness.

According to quantum physics all physical matter including our physical bodies are, at the subatomic level, made up of nothing more than energy vibrating at various frequencies. Essentially, everything in existence is nothing more than energy. According to the recent scientific theory of biocentrism, proposed by the third most important scientist alive, as voted by New York Times, Dr Robert Lanza, consciousness can exist outside of the human mind and body.

The Quantum AgeUniversal Consciousness

The theory of biocentrism may lend credence to one of the oldest philosophical doctrines known to man; the theory of panpsychism. Panpsychism is made from the words psyche (consciousness) and pan (all over), which suggests that consciousness exists everywhere.

Quantum mechanics is now at a point where it is beginning to explain how we, as observers, are responsible for creating our own perception of reality. In other words, our minds create our reality and not the other way round. That is, the universe is beginning to seem more like a giant matrix or hologram or perhaps a giant thought inside the mind of God - existence is universal consciousness experiencing itself subjectively and this is also indicated by the holographic imaging processing phenomenon in psychology and also by the holographic universe theory in physics.

In both science and psychology, it is known that everything we perceive is processed by the brain. When we see something, we do not see it with our eyes. Rather, our eyes absorb the information and then sends it to the brain which decodes it and tells us what to see. The same applies to our five main senses. Amazingly, it seems that psychology may have been on to the true nature of reality well before physics was.

Dawn Of A New Age

Back in the late 1800's there was massive movement in the field of New Thought philosophy. By the early 1900's New Thought had started to fade in popularity and was pretty much taken over by Positivism. By the 1970's NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), which now has many offshoots, was developed.

Whilst both New Thought philosophy and Neuro Linguistic Programming have been heavily criticized and officially labelled as pseudoscience, quantum physics is now beginning to prove that they could have been closer to the truth than previously realized. Both NLP and New Thought were very largely precursors to the New Age movement.

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Friday, 19 June 2015

Why You Should Avoid The Snopes Website

Snopes is a website that was launched in 1995 and as far as they claim, the website attempts to debunk urban legends, folklore, myths, rumors and misinformation. Many people regard Snopes as an official and reliable source of information. It isn't.

Snopes is not an official, reliable or reputable website as a source of authentic information. Rather, the website was launched by David and Barbara Mikkelson who claim that their intention is "not merely to dismiss or confirm misconceptions and rumors but to provide evidence for such debunkings and confirmation as well." - despite this claim, the Snopes website is absolutely choc-a-bloc full of badly researched information, false information, misinformation and plenty of disinformation much of which can easily be proven to be inaccurate.

Whilst FactCheck have investigated the information on the Snopes website and have found the views and opinions of the Mikkelsons to be "unbiased", their main argument (and a very weak one) for this is because Barbara was a citizen of Canada and was therefore not allowed to vote in US elections and that David was an independent who was once registered as a Republican - does this really make them a reliable and reputable source of information? It seems to me that this belief is based on presumption and bias in the first place (confirmation bias).

Now, here is the scary truth: anyone who even visits the Snopes website automatically gives Snopes the permission and authority to spy on your internet activities and video record your every movement on the internet! Believe it or not, they actually tell you this themselves on the Snopes website. So, not only do Snopes track what you do on their own website but they also track everything else you do online too whilst video recording everything you're doing.

Does that really sound like something a reliable, reputable and official source of genuine information would do? Or does it, perhaps, sound more like something the NSA would do? Additionally, Snopes will ignore any information you provide in the comments section which counteracts their claims and will not approve those comments.

The bottom line is that Snopes is nothing more than a disinformation and spying operation that will track everything you do on the internet once you've visited their site. By visiting their site in the first place, you have unwittingly given them permission to do so and this is why you should avoid the Snopes website.

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Thursday, 18 June 2015

DMT: The Spirit Molecule

DMT (short for DiMethylTryptamine) is a naturally occurring, hallucinogenic chemical which is found in just about all forms of life on Earth, including humans, animals, insects, plants, trees, flowers and much more. It is currently believed that DMT, Dimethyltryptamine, may be the chemical responsible for some people having out-of-body experiences and it may even play a part in the alien abduction phenomenon.

Amazingly, researchers and scientists with PhD's have been experimenting heavily with DMT by consuming large quantities of it orally, smoking it and injecting it and so far the chemical has shown to have had no particularly harmful effects. However, the chemical does have extremely potent hallucinogenic properties and many users, after consuming enough DMT, report the sensation of being blasted out of their physical human bodies and out into deep space where they experienced what would be referred to as universal consciousness.

They reported that, as their soul left their physical bodies, all of their five senses started to merge into one universal sense which allowed them to perceive everything and they realized that all life, all people, all planets, all galaxies and the whole universe were all one and that they are all interconnected. For some people, taking DMT can be a profound and life-changing experience.

When people have out-of-body experiences they are usually experiencing a natural surge of DMT - the question is why?

Although DMT is already illegal in some countries (such as the UK), scientists and researchers in other countries are mystified not just by it's effects but also by the fact that it is so abundant throughout life on Earth - an indication that the chemical must have a very good reason for being there. The fact that DMT is so abundant and naturally present throughout life on Earth results in a multitude of questions needing to be asked and suggests that these experiences may very well be real.

Can plants, trees and flowers experience consciousness?

Many top researchers and scientists are of the belief that DMT may hold the key to the truth about life after death.

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Friday, 12 June 2015

Colonel Philip J Corso: Dawn Of A New Age - Reverse-Engineering Alien UFO Technology

Although it was never officially published, Dawn Of A New Age is the title given to the writing of Lieutenant Colonel Philip J Corso, which had been written prior to the publishing of the book, The Day After Roswell, in 1997.

Dawn Of A New Age is said to contain genuine notes and recommendations that Corso made to his superior, General Arthur Trudeau and is available to download for free from several various online sources. Dawn Of A New Age could be considered to be somewhat of a prequel to The Day After Roswell, though Colonel Corso died in 1998 at the age of 83 not knowing if this writing would ever be released to the public. After claiming in The Day After Roswell that he once saw a dead alien entity suspended in a vat of liquid and that as head of the Foreign Technology division at the Pentagon he distributed technologies of alien origin to corporations to be reverse engineered, Dawn Of A New Age provides much more insight into Corso's claims and also reveals how he once saw a landed UFO in the desert and how he handled a charred microchip (integrated circuit) which came from a UFO that exploded in 1949, before it was reverse engineered.

The information contained in Dawn Of A New Age corroborates a lot of the information published in The Day After Roswell and Corso also names many more people, companies and corporations who were involved with the UFO/alien presence. Corso also outlines the timeline of the development of the microchip and the miniaturization of supercomputers, how devices have been removed from the bodies of alien abductees and how radar signals had interfered with UFOs, causing them to crash.

In Dawn Of A New Age Colonel Corso also claims:"The UFO Working Group, which is stili in existence today, originally consisted of seventeen meri [sic]: one Army and three Air Force generaƬs [sic], DIA scientists, an Army colonel, three NSA officiala [sic], a supervisor from the CIA's Domestic Collection Division, as well as a technical team from the CIA's Science and Technology Directorate".

The full text can be found at

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Monday, 1 June 2015

Negative Hallucinations & Selective Attention

Human Perception
What is a negative hallucination?

A negative hallucination is a common psychological phenomenon which most of us experience several times throughout our lives. Negative hallucinations happen when we find ourselves spending a significant amount of time looking all over the place for something, only to find that it was there in the very first place we looked all along, even though we may have looked there several times.

Rather than seeing something that wasn't really there (hallucination), we didn't see something which was really there and this is why it's called a negative hallucination. Negative hallucinations are actually a very common phenomenon and are the result of selective attention.

What is selective attention?

In order to understand selective attention it's important to understand that, although the human mind is the most powerful tool we know of, it's also true that conscious human perception is generally unreliable. It's also true that no machine or system is 100% reliable and human perception is prone to making many generalizations, distortions and deletions.  That is, our mind only filters through information via our five senses which it deems necessary and relevant to our experience.

Much of the mind's subconscious processing is based primarily on visualization, which is why visualization is so often proposed as a useful self-help or self-improvement tool. For example, when driving down a road and considering overtaking the driver in front, the subconscious mind will create an internal mental image of what is likely to happen if we go ahead and carry out that behaviour, based on the information currently available (currently being perceived).

Why do negative hallucinations happen?

As in the above example (overtaking the driver in front) and due to selective attention, our subconscious mind would only consider information which it deems relevant to the experience when creating the internal mental construct of the consequences of overtaking the car in front. Anything not deemed relevant to the experience, even if it may have entered into our peripheral vision, would be ignored and would not be acknowledged by the subconscious and this can sometimes cause us to experience negative hallucinations.

Unfortunately, this flaw in human perception has been known to be the cause of accidents on the roads on multiple occasions and is often the reason that drivers involved in such incidents may go on to make statements such as "I didn't see them" or "they came out of nowhere".

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