Friday, 28 August 2015

Never Mind Wi-Fi, Here Comes Li-Fi!

Li-Fi (Light Fidelity) - Ultrafast Broadband
As technology has developed over the years, the internet has progressed from using dial-up to ADSL to fiber optic cable and on to satellite technology. Fiber optic cable already uses light to transmit data allowing for faster broadband speeds. However, data transfer at the actual speed of light is not possible using fiber optic cable due to the fact that there is way too much interference and 'noise' during the transfer process.

In 2013, it was announced that Media Development Investment Fund, a New York-based company, were planning on providing a global network service which they termed 'the outernet' by 2016 in order to provide free Wi-Fi to anyone in the world. Anyone who had a mobile device would be able to connect to the outernet without restriction, regardless of country or location. However, 2016 is near upon us and the fruition of these plans still remains to be seen.

The next step in internet technology is Li-Fi. Instead of transmitting data using radio frequencies, as Wi-Fi does, Li-Fi will utilize the visible part of the electromagnetic light spectrum in order to transmit data at ultrafast speeds.

If this sounds too good to be true, consider that scientists at the University of Vienna recently announced that they had successfully managed to send data from one city to another virtually instantaneously using twisted light waves by exploiting classic and quantum mechanics. The Orbital Angular Momentum of light allows a particular wavelength to be twisted into a corkscrew shape thereby creating a potentially infinite amount of communication channels for data to be sent through.

Researchers at University of Oxford have confirmed that they have managed to achieve bi-directional internet speeds of 224-GB (Gigabytes) per second by using Li-Fi (Light Fidelity). Li-Fi technology uses specialized LEDs and receivers which operate with different fields of view and bands which affects the speed of data transmission.

According to Harold Haas:

"All we need to do is fit a small microchip to every potential illumination device and this would then combine two basic functionalities: illumination and wireless data transmission. In the future we will not only have 14 billion light bulbs, we may have 14 billion Li-Fi's deployed worldwide for a cleaner, greener and even a brighter future."

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Thursday, 20 August 2015

George Adamski, UFOs, Lunar Anomalies & The CIA

George Adamski was a self-proclaimed UFO/alien contactee from the 1950's, who the CIA had an incredibly strong interest in and probably for a very good reason. Adamski was in possession of photographs of the Sea Of Tranquility that showed signs of vegetative growth and which indicated there must be an atmosphere on the moon, as early as the 1950's, supposedly before NASA had even been there.

Adamski claims he got the images from flying to the moon in a flying saucer and claimed to have had many contact experiences. Adamski went on to release several books, including Pioneers of Space: A Trip to the Moon, Mars and Venus and Inside the Space Ships. Whilst Adamski claimed to have been contacted by Venusians and much of his information was pseudo-scientific in nature, when NASA went on to release official photographs of the Sea Of Tranquility, they were identical to Adamski's images but there were no signs of vegetation, no anomalies and no indications of an atmosphere.

Carol Rosin is just one person who testified, as part of the Disclosure project, that NASA often airbrush anomalies out of their images before releasing them to the public. Rosin also claimed that she had been told by Werner Von Braun, the pioneer of modern rocketry and former Vice President of Fairchild Industries, about covert plans within NASA to weaponize space using a staged extraterrestrial threat. However, Von Braun also claimed to have seen the aliens that allegedly crashed at Roswell in 1947.

Von Braun had claimed that the moon has 64% the atmosphere of Earth and claims to have worked this out after Armstrong and Aldrin's lunar expedition in 1969, upon working out the true distance between Earth and the moon - information that was allegedly kept suppressed. Many other official sources also claim that the moon has an atmosphere. If these claims seem hard to swallow, consider that NASA's lunar anomalies report also shows evidence that there may indeed be an atmosphere on the moon.

Why is it that the lunar anomalies report confirms 579 anomalous events which have been observed on the moon from the 1500's up until 1967, yet NASA have never released even one official image of any kind of anomaly on the moon?

Was George Adamski on to something?

Was this perhaps the real reason the CIA were so interested in Adamski?

Thursday, 6 August 2015

NASA STS-48: US Government Attacks UFO

NASA: Never A Straight Answer
As part of NASA's infamous 1991 STS-48 mission, video footage was recorded of a UFO coming into Earth's atmosphere. 

The video shows how, once the unidentified object came close enough to Earth's atmosphere, a particle beam emanating from Earth identified the location of the object followed by a missile shot up from the ground hurtling straight towards the UFO in an attempt to destroy it. 

Presumably, this was a result of the SDI (Strategic/Space Defense Initiative), otherwise known as the "Star Wars" program, the setup of which was completed by former US President, Ronald Reagan. Although it is claimed that the Strategic Defense Initiative was set up to defend against meteors and asteroids that were heading for Earth, many whistleblowers and witnesses have claimed that the SDI is also used to protect against alien spacecraft coming into Earth's atmosphere.

Colonel Philip J Corso who wrote the book, The Day After Roswell, has written and spoken about the "Star Wars" program and claimed that the US government were using particle beams and HAARP-type weapons to bring down UFOs, allegedly using the alien's own technology against them after reverse engineering it from the 1947 Roswell UFO crash wreckage (and other UFO crashes).

When the missile begins to close in on the unidentified object in the video footage, it becomes clear that the object must be under intelligent control when it makes an abrupt turn in the opposite direction and suddenly shoots off at high speed, completely evading the attack (see video below)! During this very same mission, astronaut John Blaha was recorded on HAM radio stating "we still have the alien spacecraft under observance" which had been preceded by a similar statement, "we have the alien spacecraft under observation".

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Seeking Disclosure Of An Extraterrestrial Intelligence Engaging The Human Race

From 29th April 2013 until 3rd May 2013, a Citizens Hearing on Disclosure (of an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race) took place in front of five former members of US congress. Between forty-to-fifty researchers, government officials, scientists and military officials testified over five days to what they know about an alien presence on Earth.

The Citizens Hearing was the first of it's kind since 1968 and took place just one week after the release of Dr. Steven Greer's Sirius movie. Dr. Greer was also present at the event.

On the committee for the Citizens Hearing On Disclosure were:

  • Congressman Roscoe Bartlett (Rep, MD)
  • Congressman Merrill Cook (Rep, UT)
  • Congresswoman Darlene Hooley (Dem, OR)
  • Congresswoman Carolyn Kilpatrick (Dem, MI)
  • Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey (Dem, CA)
  • Senator Mike Gravel (Dem/Lib, AK)

As a result of the Citizens Hearing, a new UFO documentary entitled Truth Embargo was produced. Some of the people who testified as part of the hearing included Dr. Steven Greer, Nick Pope (formerly of UK's Ministry of Defence), Dr. Edgar Mitchell (6th astronaut on the moon), Stanton Friedman (author of Crash At Corona), Donald Schmitt, Paul Hellyer (former Defense Minister of Canada), Dr. Roger Leir (Podiatrist), Dr. Thomas Valone, Colonel Kevin Randle, Colonel French (who saw two alien greys working on a landed UFO) and Sgt. Jim Penniston (of the 1980 Rendlesham Forest incident).

As part of the hearing, remarkable evidence (including physical trace evidence) of many UFO encounters was put forth and although the former members of Congress were skeptical at first, by the last day of the hearing all of their opinions had changed as they began to realize how seriously the UFO phenomenon had been dealt with and what had really gone on at the highest levels of government. Both Sgt. Jim Penniston and Sgt. John Burrows confirmed that they had both received threats over testifying about the Rendlesham Forest incident at the hearing, even though over thirty years had passed.

The Citizens Hearing on Disclosure, which was organized by Steven Bassett's Paradigm Research Group, has now led on to the Congressional Hearing Initiative. As part of the initiative, 30 hours of footage from the Citizens Hearing was sent to all congressional offices, along with a letter signed by the witnesses for new congressional hearings on the extraterrestrial presence. In 2015, Disclosure Petition VII - Congressional Hearing ended with over 13,500 signatures on the White House website.

The Paradigm Research Group have also confirmed that meetings with congressional staff are already underway on both the House and Senate side and Paradigm Research Group is now acting upon communications with presidential candidates who seek an end to the secrecy surrounding the extraterrestrial presence.

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