Monday, 13 June 2016

All Songs Contain Subliminal Suggestion

To some, the claim that every single song in existence contains subliminal messages may seem like a ridiculous notion and to others, it may seem completely understandable.

There has, of course, been plenty of controversy over the decades as to whether subliminal messages are being or have been intentionally embedded into certain songs and there have also been several court cases over such issues. Most of us have heard the claim of a record by The Beatles which allegedly states “John is dead” when played backwards.

Additionally, Black Sabbath are an example of one band who have been accused of using one of their songs to intentionally encourage people to commit suicide. The controversy arose over the perceived lyric “I tell you to end your life” in the song Paranoid, although what Ozzy was actually singing was “I tell you to enjoy life”.

Whilst subliminal messages may not be being intentionally placed in most songs, the reality is that the pen is mightier than the sword and that words are extremely powerful. Words program the human mind and vice versa, hence the fields of Psycho-Linguistics and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and this happens as a result of suggestibility which is a natural human trait built into each and every one of us which is required for the learning process.

Whilst most musicians have no intention of carrying out mind control techniques when creating their songs, the intention behind lyrics is to invoke a particular type of reaction in the listener. Additionally, just as words and lyrics naturally influence the mind, music itself influences the emotions and emotionalized thoughts are by far the most powerful and so when music and words are combined, the end result is something eminently powerful which influences us to a huge degree.

Upbeat music with uplifting lyrics has the power to make us feel on top of the world, whereas slow songs in a minor key with depressing lyrics have the power to make us cry or feel sad and during the process of writing a song, the musician(s) know what reaction they wish to invoke in the listener once the song is complete and this is direct suggestion. The power of suggestion is something which should never ever be underestimated.

Additionally, whether intentional or not, every sentence constructed contains embedded messages which speak directly to the subconscious. For example, the statement do not think of a blue elephant, if you take the first two words away, contains the embedded command think of a blue elephant and so whoever hears or reads it must think of a blue elephant in order to process the statement thereby doing the exact opposite of what they were told to do directly. This is an example of negative suggestion.

For this reason, it’s true that every song ever created contains both direct and subliminal messages.

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