Thursday, 9 June 2016

Microsoft & The Geoengineering Cover-Up

Recently, I visited the MSN home page and whilst scrolling through the page I noticed that there were four different weather reports on the page. Obviously, some of the content on the MSN home page is aggregated whereas some of the content is published directly by MSN.

What I noticed was that all four of the weather reports completely conflicted with each other quite drastically. One was claiming excess heat, another was claiming freezing temperatures, another was warning about floods and the last one was quite mundane. I found this quite ridiculous, so I decided to leave a comment on one of the posts and was surprised to find out what happened when I did.

In my comment I mentioned geoengineering and suggested that there was a cover-up going on. Within less than thirty seconds my comment had been removed from the page! Completely deleted! Being as persistent as I am, I decided to leave another comment and mentioned that my previous comment had been removed. This time, my comment appeared to remain on the page so I left it.

The next morning, I decided to check to see if my comment was still on the page and typed the URL into my browser address bar. What happened next shocked me. Instead of the page with the weather report loading, I was redirected to the MSN home page and then, within a few seconds, a notification popped up on my computer to say that my download had finished... except I hadn't been downloading anything.

I opened up the downloads folder on my computer to find out what was going on and lo and behold, in my download folder was the executable installation file for some tracking software! Needless to say, I deleted the file immediately and performed a thorough scan of my computer. The fact that this even happened tells me that Microsoft must be actively taking part in the geoengineering cover-up and, as it happens, guess who one of the main advocates and funders of geoengineering research is?

Yep, you guessed it: Bill Gates.

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[ Image belongs to me, Marc Hubs (Sparkster) - taken in UK, May 2016 ]

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Anonymous said...

Holy Fuckballs, Alienman! That is some seriously scary shit! Be careful, my friend! I Love you! <3