Monday, 13 June 2016

What Are Dreams? Why Do We Dream?

Whether we remember them or not, whether they are beautiful dreams that make us feel happy or whether they are nightmares that leave us feeling scared, all of us have dreams of some kind while we are asleep.

Despite many people claiming that they don't dream, it’s actually scientifically impossible not to. The truth is that such people simply just don’t remember their dreams… but they do have them.

Dreaming is a completely natural phenomena which is a necessity for us to be able function correctly and without dreaming our minds would become dysfunctional because they wouldn’t be working properly. Dreams are a way for our minds to efficiently process the information that we are subject to each and every day and are simply just metaphorical representations of our reality.

Whilst many dreams appear to be random or seem to make no sense, if we were to recall the details of a dream whilst in a hypnotic trance, these metaphorical representations would actually make perfect sense to us and we would know their real meaning(s).

Dreaming is an important part of being able to think, recall and remember properly and this is one reason why sleep deprivation can be so dangerous. When people are deprived of sleep for too long, it alters their thinking patterns, adversely affects their memory and causes impairment.

In fact, being deprived of sleep for too long can be extremely dangerous and can, potentially, cause permanent damage or impairment. Sleeping and dreaming are vital to our health.

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